Aptina announces 8MP camera sensor that shoots 1080p@60fps video and does oversampling

California-based camera sensor maker Aptina announced a couple of 8MP sensors that promise high-quality, high-speed video recording. The smartphone-bound AR0835 sensor does oversampling (a technique used by the Nokia 808 PureView) to provide what the company claims is broadcast quality video capture.

And it can do it at 60 frames per second, if you’re shooting 1080p video, and 120fps for 720p.

The sensor has 8MP resolution and has a BSI design with 1.4-micron pixels. When shooting video, 6MP of that resolution is used, which is then oversampled by 3x to arrive at 1080p resolution. The sensor can also snap 6MP stills during recording and it supports slow-motion video.

The AR0835 sensor is already in production, while another version, the AR0835HS is sampling right now and will go into mass production in Q1 next year. This version is targeted at sports cameras (think HD Hero, Contour, etc.).

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