A slew of BB 10 OS screenshots makes its way online

What we have today is a long line of screenshots detailing most of the upcoming BlackBerry 10 OS. As if we didn’t see it in enough detail in some of the previous leaks.

The screenshots however reveal from up-close the look and feel of the different parts of the interface and they show some of the curious new features.

First, there are the new gestures, which we’ve seen already. There’s one for getting to the homescreen, another one for opening the alarm clock (of all things!) and yet another one for checking out the notifications for the various services set up on the smartphone.

The new gestures in BlackBerry 10 OS

RIM’s new UI design language is really pleasant and above all, entirely revamped. Just look at the context menus, the dialer or the calculator.

BlackBerry 10 OS is a successful revamp of the BB 7 OS

Some of the other new features detailed in the screenshots are the voice control and voice-to-text functionality; the parental controls (a kid with a BlackBerry, right!); the option to access files on the device both over the USB cable or over Wi-Fi.

The Voice control options and the parental controls

We don’t know who made BlackBerry Maps but the mapping app on BB 10 is a product of a company called Telecommunications Systems Inc. A quick research told us that two years ago TCS signed a deal with Tele Atlas to use their map data in its solutions, so BB 10 OS will probably rely on Tele Atlas map data. Tele Atlas is a wholly owned subsidiary of TomTom since 2008. TomTom also provides the map data to iOS Maps app so essentially, we may be looking at the same map data used by competing Apple and RIM.

Maps on BB 01 OS is probably using TomTom’s map data

All that aside, RIM certainly isn’t able to keep its unannounced stuff under a lid, but then again, it doesn’t need to either. The extra publicity before the BlackBerry 10 OS announcement event on January 30 can’t be bad, right?

Check out more screenshots over at the source link below.

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