Google maps out the Grand Canyon with over 9500 pictures

Google Maps has gotten down and dirty in Arizona by mapping out over 75 miles of trails and roads in one of nature’s most impressive wonders.

The initiative is part of Google’s new Trekker program, which puts the famous 360-degree, 15-lens street view cameras in on a wearable backpack, allowing Google maps to give you up close and personal views of areas accessible only on foot.

You can access the wide array of beautiful Grand Canyon imagery right here.

With on-foot mapping now added to their repertoire, perhaps we’ll see some more extreme locations added to Google’s World Wonders Project. Everest, anyone?



Xolo X500 and its Intel Atom Z2420 CPU get benchmarked, get pretty good scores

Xolo X500, which was launched a week ago in India, has just been benchmarked. The smartphone is designed for emerging markets with low cost at higher priority than stellar performance, but it did surprisingly well.

Perhaps a part of the explanation is that the Intel chip also uses its hyper threading technology, which has better multi-tasking ability. The smartphone is powered by a 1.2 GHz Intel Atom Lexington Z2420 processor along with Power VR SGX540 GPU.

The Atom-powered Xolo X500 is right behind the Xolo X900, which is powered by the Medfield chipset in the Quadrant benchmark tests.

quadrant scoresquadrant scores

However the X500 managed to beat its more expensive sibling at the AnTuTu benchmark. The smartphone aggregates 12859 points in the AnTuTu 3.0 benchmark, which is not bad at all.

Xolo X500 is on top of Vellamo 1.0 browser benchmark tests too and scores a hefty 1168 and 421 points in the HTML5 web browser tests and CPU subsystem performance respectively.

The X500 also managed to max out the NenaMark 2 benchmark. At the onscreen GLBenchmark test it only managed 18fps, but it should still do pretty well with all but the heaviest games.

Thanks Rapan Singh, for sending this in!


Google and Motorola are in search for a product manager for the X Phone

Motorola has posted a job listing in search for a senior director of product management to focus and work directly on the X Phone project that the WSJ reported on back in December.

Interestingly, that’s exactly how Motorola has referred to the project about its upcoming high-end smartphone set to rival the iPhone and the top dogs from the Galaxy S line-up.

While nothing more than the codename of the smartphone has been unveiled, we can only speculate on specifications and features. It can be safely assumed that the development of the device is still in its early stages.

As per earlier reports, Motorola is said to experiment with some exotic materials for the X Phone like ceramics and equip it with a “killer camera”, as per Lior Ron (who, judging from the job listing is now the project’s former leader).

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